Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hyderabad nostalgia...

Well, after 2.5 years in hyd, this is what all I would miss about Hyderabad!

1. Jogging in KBR Park.
2. Cream stone's icecreams.
3. My good old room on the top floor.
4. The good friends I made here.
5. Hyderabad Biryani and Ohri's awesome food.
6. My good old work station with Win 7 which everyone envied :D
7. Having icecream immediately after getting down from the cab! lol
8. Coming home super duper late after partying almost every weekend.
9. Last but not the least, Hyderabad's indegineous transport system - Shared autos! lol

From now on its a new life, new office, new people. As they say change is the only constant I agree!

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