Friday, July 20, 2012

Stok - The Idea

April 17th - 8:30 pm - Somewhere in Bangalore's traffic

I was driving back home from office. The song which was streaming over bluetooth to my car stereo stopped and the phone rang, it was a call from Megha. Initially I thought it was "The usual issue with application / some long running SQL job distress call" managed to pick it up.

It was not a application distress call, it was call asking me to start preparation to Stok. I heard it loud and clear, start your workouts & confirm back to book flight tickets! Reached home, emailed back a confirmation, informed parents as FYI.

Well, the Stok dream was incepted. More posts to follow on the meetings, preparations & the actual trek.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hyderabad nostalgia...

Well, after 2.5 years in hyd, this is what all I would miss about Hyderabad!

1. Jogging in KBR Park.
2. Cream stone's icecreams.
3. My good old room on the top floor.
4. The good friends I made here.
5. Hyderabad Biryani and Ohri's awesome food.
6. My good old work station with Win 7 which everyone envied :D
7. Having icecream immediately after getting down from the cab! lol
8. Coming home super duper late after partying almost every weekend.
9. Last but not the least, Hyderabad's indegineous transport system - Shared autos! lol

From now on its a new life, new office, new people. As they say change is the only constant I agree!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Super things in life

Some of the things which I feel is super! - Just a few random ones, some general, the others out of my experiences.

1. Bengaluru's weather - particularly the rains - the smell of soil and the chill winters.
2. Eating hot bajji and bonda on a cold evening. Added kai(coconut) chatni - awesome!
3. Long walk on a cool evening in Bangalore university or the KBR National park (Hyd) particularly with the human species of the kind female. lol
4. Tuttu anna particularly sitting outside in the garden of my home; added with moon light - awesome. Super tasteful if served by my granny - Not sure if it has to do with the experienced hands!.
5. High speed drive along the Mysore Road late after sunset - looking at the star filled sky after the outskirts of Bangalore. Sipping coffee at CCD at Ramanagar or Maddur CCD at mid night! The colder the weather the better.
6. Moms food after a long time of having self-made experimental food.
7. Maggi at 2am - only when mom's food isn't available
8. Sitting in the midnight figuring out what you like to do and making a list of stuff like the above!

Bajji Bonda : Bajji, Bonda
Tuttu anna : A mix of rice and sambar/rasam/curd made into a ball and served directly onto the hand. anna-rice, tuttu-ball of rice served onto the hand.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

IMs and Life

Last week was msn messenger’s 10th birthday. Life has changed so much so because of a messenger! I remember coordinating my project in college YM, No doubt I do that in Office Communicator today too!

Some good experiences about messenger – Meeting old friends, Keeping in touch with some one who is Continents apart or just pinging anyone on a morning and saying Good Morning. Even seen cases of people falling in love on a messenger! – Cupid lives in messengers too!!

What started as a bug fix to keep track of a person on MS Net meeting started off this revolution (Source :!2F7EB29B42641D59!41264.entry?sa=427562354). Also its grown just from sending text messages to Voice, Video chats, Online collaboration, Instant file/photo sharing etc.

Messenger has become so much so a part of life and changed life so much, be it as a Windows app or a Web app or even a Mobile app. I can easily say I cant live without pinging someone on the web each day in my life!

Coming to some facts and impact on environment :

Imagine if a single-page letter was mailed for every one of the 1.6 billion Messenger sessions that happen every day. The individual pages lined up one after another would stack up to the moon within a day! The weight would weigh 33 times more than the Endeavor Space Shuttle (with boosters and tank).

And by the way, using Messenger instead saves 2.8 million trees every day.  :-)

Long live the Messenger Phenomenon!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

IsLifeBecomingSad() //update!

Had a great weekend! Met friends, went out, caught up with the world. Waiting for the coming weekend, Sure it’ll be much better!

Function is returning false for now!


Saturday, February 14, 2009


Haven’t had time to catch up with life, world, family, friends, books, blogs etc in the last 3 weeks :(

Sure the function above returns true when I pass the above parameters to it

Am I becoming a workaholic??

Friday, December 26, 2008

The year that was….

2008 was a mixture of good and bad as usual. But it has changed my life considerably.

Some of the stuff in 2008 were

My entry into the corporate life

Staying away from home! : Now I too am in the group who crave to go home now and then! lol.. Apart from this responsibility, making independent decisions are a part of life now.

Meeting new people, travelling places! : Away from home means friends are god and goddesses! Anyways I have made many good friends in this year. Every time a re-shuffle happens I have missed lots of people and got adjusted and realized that Change is a part of life, you can’t ignore it! But some of them have influenced me a lot.

Waiting for weekends : I too wait for a weekend starting Monday! Wish weekdays were weekends :P

A longing to get back to Student life : One thing a college pass-out  longs is getting back to student life! I too have got this from a long time and trying my best to get back! All you guys in college and wanting to get out of it please note this!

Lost my pet, she was like a sister to me!(Ref prev blog)

With hopes of a better year, as always!